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Skyclad's Quest InStore Book Signing.

Saturday October 26, 2013 Barnes & Noble

1923 W Malvern Ave · Fullerton, CA 


Come meet the Author


Skyclad is an only child who has had everything her heart desires. Until Love, Lust, and Family changed everything.

She is a law student just leaving Harvard to live in the big city of Boston. Passing the state bar was her goal. Life takes a new turn when an ex-lover tries to manipulate her, and a new man walks into her life, to turn her world around. Not to mention a new found kinship that turns in to what she always longed to have.

Chapter 1: 

Four long years of law school to graduate in the top of my class. I have the first appointment, of my class to take the bar exam. I have the world ahead of me and somehow I feel like I’m missing something.

Yes I’m missing my parents, as they would have been so proud of me. Their only child becoming a lawyer: I just wish they could have been here physically, and not just in spirit.

I’m feeling sorry for myself, and I need to snap out of this. They have been gone four years now. I’m so ready to move out of the dorms, into the apartment that they bought. They spent a good bit of cash, just to have a place to come and visit me. They never had the chance to stay in it.

Moving day sucks, I have a small moving van booked to move my life of college, and law school into a large apartment in downtown Boston. The saddest part is I have never even stepped into the apartment. I have a key, and the code to get in .I just never wanted to.

 As I pull up to the unloading dock, a large guy with a Boston Towers Apartments shirt on walks up to the truck.

“Hey you caaant Paak heeea!” he said.

“I’m moving in today,where do I unload the truck?” I ask.

“Oh Ok” he point to a large steel door. I park by the door. He hits the door and it is a large elevator.

“What Floora?” he shouts.

“15” I yell back. I like the guys in Boston, there rough and sexy as hell. I don’t have much, just about 30 boxes maybe.

“Heeea let me help ya. Ya anint got much shit” he said.

“No I’ just have boxes. That’s all. Where do I park the van, the company is coming to pick it up at noon?”

“Leave it heeea, I‘ll be heea.  I’m Joe I work security heeea.”

“Hi Joe I’m Sky in 15a.”

“You mean 15 there is only one apartment on the 15th floora, no one has lived there sin foua yeaas.” 

“Yes my parents bought it... They passed away.” I didn’t want to get into how or why, since I usually just give too much information. I need to not say so much, that is the only thing my professors would tell me. 

I can hear all the professors now. “Skyclad shut up and listen, then react that is how to be a great lawyer.”

“Oh my sympathy” he said.

“Thank you.”

We get in to the elevator there is a key pad I put in the code. The elevator shoots up to the 15th floor, the door opens to a large white door with a key pad. I enter my code and the doors open.

The apartment is large with white sheet over everything.  Joes puts the boxes inside my door. I just stop, and look around. I have never been in here before and this is all new for me.

“Nice pad girly” Joe said. He pats me on the back. 

“Yes it is. Can I give you the key for the truck?”  “shuuwa I’ll takaa caaaae of it.” Joes gives me his card, and said if I need anything to call him.  I just love the way guys talk in Boston.

It takes me a good two days to get all my crap unpacked and put where I want it. My parents had furnished the apartment so it is fully stocked. The estate lawyer took care of all the things for me. Now I’m on my own. I have my cousin Zoe, and her dad left on my dad’s side. On my mom’s side I have her sister, Uncle Kevin, and my cousin Raven that is it. I have my best friend Geoff. He is in a band, and he is a tattoo artist. His band is going to play next weekend. Opening up for St. James. I really like St. James. I love the lead singers’ voice, very sexy.  That is going to be an awesome show. I’m so happy for Geoff’s band to get this chance to play on such a great bill and on a Friday night.

My first night in my new place was nice, clear of yelling, people opening the community shower on you. The smell of vomit in the hallway. No more dorm life for me. I do miss Kami, she was my roommate at Harvard for four years. Kami is a crazy wild girl. She a little naïve, but I love her dearly. I’m just glad that I’m alone, to be able to walk around your house naked if you want. Not having to share food, someone using all of your shampoo and not telling you. Urrrg! Not anymore baby I’m a big girl, in the big world.

I wake up to a nice quiet house. I smell coffee; I fell in love with coffee studying in school. Boston Common Coffee is my favorite, along with Mike’s pastries. The chocolate chip cannolis, (sigh) so amazing.

Today is my state bar test. I’m ready for this. As I walk in to take my test, I take a deep breath, and I can smell jasmine. That is my Moms perfume she always wore. I just hope she is here with me. 

I walk into a very dark hallway, the smell has my stomach in knots, and kinda makes me sick. I pass by signs pointing me in the direction to the exams. This is a large room, and everyone has the same look on their face. Yep, we are all scared to fucking death.

 After four hours of test taking. Sweating bullets stomach turning, freaking the fuck out. It is only the state bar exam not like the end of the world... Well yes it is, it is my world, the only world that I want. I have always wanted to be a lawyer. I can tell that my heart is started to beat like a bunny having sex, I just don’t want to pass out like they do.  I need to get out, and have a glass of wine or a beer, and some fun wouldn’t hurt. I’m very happy that this Friday is the day that Geoff’s band is playing.

I spend the next couple of days sending out resumes, making calls, and checking on the internships that I have applied for. I have sent out all my thank you cards for graduation. My Aunt Di and Uncle Kevin sent me a very nice picture of Mom, Dad, and me the day we all were in North Carolina for the opening of the new Race shop that they own. 

It was a cool Friday night in the city. The way I was dressed you would think I might freeze.

I was ready for Geoff’s band to hit the big time. This was the first time they opened up for a Platinum selling band. This was going to be the big break that they needed. I’m a huge supporter Geoff’s Band. I have made all my best friends the same way, we all groupies of Geoff’s band.

I always liked to be a creative girl. I was always making custom outfits for all my friends. I was always getting asked to make something crazy for someone. Tonight, I was sporting a very sexy black buckle corset halter top. I love taking new things and making them my own creation. This one will show off my newest tattoo. I just love my large sexy dominatrix fairy. I liked the way that sprawled up my right shoulder.

Before my friends get here, I better go check my face.

Every time I look in the mirror I see my mother looking at me; knowing that if she were here she would be saying.

“Skyclad you’re a beautiful girl with a heart shaped face, and those bright blue eyes. Why do you have that smokey eye shadow, just be neutral. Your beautiful dark black hair makes your blue eyes sparkle.” I do miss her complaining about my makeup.

The buzzer rings and I run to push the button so my friends can get out of the elevator. This building is very up to date, the elevators are straight to the apartments above the tenth floor. To get up to the apartments you had to have a key or buzzed in. This was part of the perks of the apartment. Security was always on high alert in the apartment building.

I’m so excited that everyone is here ready to go cheer on Geoff and his band.  Geoff is a sexy Tall 6’3” long curly haired well-built sexy as fuck. He has big shoulders and long blond hair. He looks like a sexy lead singer. He worked out two to three times a day getting ready for shows. Not only is my best friend he is my Tattoo artist. Geoff is the full on rock god he has full sleeves, and a large goddess on his back with a blue sky.

Geoff lived next door to me growing up. My house was the big haunted house. That is what everyone called it. I was an only child, so growing next door to Geoff, we became best friends he was like my brother. Geoff always took care of me, and he was very protective of me.  I was always trying to find Geoff a girl, but never had any luck.  He never gave two shits about the ones that I would pick for him.  Geoff and I tried to date once in high school but it was too weird. We are better at being best friends and that was where it had to stay.

Our house had been in the family for centuries. My mom was born into a family with a long history in the Pagan world. My 5 times great-grandmother was a witch, and she was burned at the stake in Salem.

I was a different and difficult person. I was the kind of girl that loved to have her independence, but still needed to be held. I was a book worm, and always had my nose in a book of some kind. My grandmother was an Author and has written many books about life as a witch. I would sit for hours and read them over, and over just to feel the memory of her family. After my Mom and Dad died in the plane crash, all I had in Boston was my friends, Zoe, and Uncle Danny on my dad’s side? I have always been an independent person. When I was a little girl I never played with dolls. I was always hanging out with Geoff, and watching him play his guitar.

As the elevator start its ascent I hear loud voices, loud singing, and laughing coming up the elevator. Just about everyone in the apartment building could hear them. The elevator opens, and they come barreling in like a bat out of hell.

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