Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Money Paying off Sponsor A Race car.

I sponsored a race car
 OK it is My race car so it is a shameless plug but look how good it looks.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Snick Peek of Skyclad's Quest

*****Note this is an UN-edited*****

 I turn to walk out and he pulls me to him. Slowly he takes his hands to my lower back and caresses the curves of my ass.

 I put my arms around his neck he leans into me, and trails soft kisses from my shoulder up to my neck. 

As he reaches my ear, I can feel the heat in his breath. His hold on me gets tighter, and more heated. I can feel him as he pulls me tighter to his body. He moves to my chin to my lips. The kiss gets sensuous, and I’m to the point of wanting more than a kiss.

“You’re so sweet I could kiss you all day. I can never get enough of you.” His kisses are burning me to the core, and I feel hot as if I’m on fire. 

My mind starts to wander. It has been a while that I have had sex and I hope he can’t tell.
He is so close to me. Just standing so close to him I just want to hold this moment in time.  I can’t stop looking into his eyes, there so mesmerizing. The smell of his skin, the way his skin feels so soft. He pulls me tight to his chest. I can feel him growing under his black jeans. It feels like it could be the anaconda that was in the Playgirl. I can tell there was no photo shop there in that picture. 

His kisses have me unglued.  He holds me so close to him. There is so much passion in every movement. His soft lips, his sweet kisses are going to be my undoing. His hand slips up under my shirt to my belly and up to my breast. He cups my breast and runs his finger across my piercing on my right nipple.

“No bra..? Skyclad, Mmmm…. so fucking sexy.” He whispers on my neck. “No Michael…..! No Bra…….!” My top is off on the floor. My Pants follow after…….