Friday, January 3, 2014

Meet Luna

Working all day in her hair salon ‘Tranquility’ and then going home to an empty condo is not the dream that Luna Holley had for herself.  After she took over the payments of the salon five years ago; this is all she has done. Work, home, sleep and maybe eat, this is her daily schedule. 

Luna was named after the moon that was bright and full when she was born. Her mother had her on the beach on a Sunday night.

Luna has been on her own since she was fourteen, and working was the only thing she had ever done. Passing her state board license test to be a cosmetologist was her goal, which she did on her eighteenth birthday! She always wanted to do something with hair it, was her specialty. She had a special talent of mixing color and transforming her clients from plan Jane to perfection.   Luna was very talented stylist that had a great eye for which cut would flatter your face, your personality, and when it came to make-up she was an artist.

Luna had no life, she was a very controlling person and a hands on owner.   She was the first one to arrive and the last to leave; with five employees at her shop, Toni, Daisy, Nicci, Carrie, and Mary the nail tech.

Luna had another set of friends. The owners of the tattoo shop next door, and one of the employees. Luna was also controlling when it came to her hair salon, but when he came to friends she was a follower. Luna loved hair, music, and ink so it’s no wonder she became really close friends with the owner of the tattoo shop next-door. Cecilia, Danny, and Watson were the only three people that Luna would let put any ink on her.

Coming 2/2014