Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Cora Hawkes: INTERVIEW, PAPERBACKS & TOUR UPDATE...: Rocked Under is now available to buy in Paperback from Amazon! :D My first ever interview is over at  Smittens Bookblog ! She gave Rocked ...

Pintage Photography: Pintage Photography! Lancaster Calfornia Pin Up Ph...

Pintage Photography: Pintage Photography! Lancaster Calfornia Pin Up Ph...: Welcome! Please use the tabs at the top to find your way around. Stacey Bradley Photography is located at... 405 W Pondera St. Lancaste...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Michelle A. Valentine: Rock the Heart Signed Copy Giveaway

Michelle A. Valentine: Rock the Heart Signed Copy Giveaway: To celebrate the release of DEMON AT MY DOOR, I am giving away a signed copy of ROCK THE HEART. I will personalize this book to the winner. ...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crazy Thing Called Love

What is love? Is love the feeling that you have of spinning around and around as a little kid and falling on the ground with a giggle? 

Is love the feeling of not being able to breathe because the wind is in your face?

Is love the feeling that you can fly with out ever leaving the ground?

Is love that song you heard on the radio that was your life?

Is love that feeling of your stomach jumping into you heart?

Is Love a symbol <3

What is love?

Is it that sinking feeling when that someone is in with you? 

I have loved.

I have been loved.

I do love 

I just think love is what you make it 

Go and get LOVE

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Raven's Quest

I was asked what my first book is about! 
Here is a bit more of the concept. 
I hope you like it.

The Quest Series revolves around two women who are worlds apart but connected in more ways than one.  


The first book is Raven’s Quest


        We embark on Raven working as a Marketing Director at Stage Records who gets caught in a love triangle with the new CEO of Stage Records. She starts to fall in love with him as his old flame returns to the picture. With a broken heart Raven runs to Napa Valley to heal her wounds, and see her family.

Fate has other plans; she falls into the arms of an old crush that broke her heart as a teen. The GQ Race Car Driver that she met so many years ago. Raven has always had eyes for Tony Fox. How could she forget how he broke her heart with her best friend?

 Now he is mature he sees her in a different light. She is a gorgeous, successful woman that he can’t be without. He will stop at nothing to have her.

Monday, February 18, 2013

First Day of the rest of my life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. 

My first book will be on by the middle of May 2013. 

I'm so happy that my dirty mind now has an outlet. 

Many things that I can't  say in public is now in My many books. 

             I can live through My Raven & Skyclad. 

They Are "My Two Women that will carry out my dirty mind."

Raven is a Marketing Director of a Record Company.

Skyclad is a New Lawyer in Boston

Their Future is intertwined as there love of life and Men chase their Quest in life. 

This is the Quest Series